Shuri Ryusen. The store increases awareness and sensitivity towards art of Okinawa,
traditional crafts and Bingata.

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Ryusen Wedding Gift visual

unique gifts that give a one of a kind feeling

coral patterned items and Bingata as a present or wedding gift? Original one of a kind gift!!
We recommend as an unforgettable gift.

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Gift of the dye Ryusen ~Ryusen Wedding Gift~

A symbol of prosperity and noble progeny.
The representation of the flow dyeing tradition is profound

Appearing on the cover of Okinawan journals, it was chosen as one of the excellent goods of Okinawa and memorial goods for APEC: Ministerial Meeting on Telecommunications and Information.
Also it has record top sales among JTA’s flight sales. We get many favourable comments from home and abroad. A true gift from Okinawa.

Original gift products

Coral dyed and Bingata dyed each of them are enduring Ryusen wedding gift.
It is appreciated by many people as a wedding gift.

Wrapping cloth

Wrapping cloth
Wrapping cloth is useful tool that can use in many ways. suitable for daily use, It can used for covering gift and fashion items that have cute coral designs. It is popular as a wedding gift.

Decorative plate

Decorative plate
It's made with glass and resin dyed from a silk base. It has a transparent dignity and light, so it makes a good wedding gift Bingata plate is used from APEC as a present for country ministers. The coral plate is used as a trophy of Okinawa M.I.CE Contents Trade Show. Coral dyed designs from Okinawa are hand made and unque. They are appreciated by many people as gifts and memorial goods.
Original gift products  8,208yen~

We have original package for wedding gifts.


Yarn spun by the human mind.It is the world's only bridal story. Why not send an important person the forms of love, appreciation, or momories?

The shape of Thank Wedding Gift

Show your appreciation to the people you care about.
The most popular item is the decorative plate as a Shuri Ryusen Wedding gift. Of course, they are all hand made so everybody who attends the wedding can be happy that their gift is unique Also popular is family celebration itiems such as coasters and coral dyed towels to mark special events of the couple’s married life. We have great products that match a great new couple.

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The form of“Love”Wedding Ring

Eternal shine on left ring finger.
ShuriRyusen is not only attractive and formal store but also another store. This re - jewelry, “Able”is a well known store for giving happiness to people. Customers looking for engagement and wedding rings are always impressed with our range and quality. We learn a customer orientated service from the owner Ms.Ritsuko Higa. We also repair rings and jewels in the store.. We can promise that the store can meet the expectations and provide for you needs. Please feel free to visit.

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Chinese phoenix

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Tel:098-886-1131 9:00~18:00 7 days a week

Shuri Ryusen. The store increases awareness and sensitivity towards art of Okinawa, traditional crafts and Bingata.

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