Shuri Ryusen. The store increases awareness and sensitivity towards art of Okinawa,
traditional crafts and Bingata.

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History of a Shuri Ryusen visual

History of a Shuri Ryusen

Searching for more beautiful colours of Okinawa

Dyer Koto Yamaoka cannot be categorised as being simply a dyer. It has been said that he “carried out his word so that his dreams came true”. Others say that his child- like dreams still remained although he was a man. His words and wit ebodied the nature of a true artistic spirit, and that’s why Kato Yamaoka cannot be categorised simply as a dyer. He had a pure heart like a child, and a creative mind coupled with a strong ability to take action. He can be imagined as an intellectual, artisan, and cultural promoter. Nearly half a century after his beginnings as a dyer in 1951, he released many topical products and led the Japanese dye world. He created a factory and gallery of traditional arts&crafts in Kyoto, the Mecca of the dyeing industry. His efforts gave new hopes

koto yamaoka

for Okinawa's industry and created the possibility for a revival of traditional arts and crafts. He opened a dressing and dyeing school for Kimono and resurrected lost Okinawan culture. His life's work encompassed a large range of achievements, not limited to his talents as a dyer. Let's focus on dyers like Kato Yamaoka and research the origin of traditional crafts/

Founder to Shuri ryusen

near half a century from started take road of Dye in 1951.He release a lot of topical pruduct as dyer and lead japanese dye world as dye watcher.
He open up possibility of dyeing and re-create old missing dyeing to make a round trip between Kyoto which have polished craft “Yuzen” and Okinawa which have thesaurus of natural paint.
And then ShuriRyusen have been build by Yamaoka with by his own money as base place for increase Okinawa’s traditional dye craft.
He made dressing school and dye school for carrying on dyeing skills and make exertions to diffuse Kimono. And He research and resurrect lost cloth culture of Ryuku dynasty and collect and donate precious cultural property. Like above, Koto Yamaoka had done wide move not just a Dyer.

Founder to Shuri ryusen

The bingata of the Shuri ryusen

Bingata was born in the Okinawan climate, using techniques from China, India and Java, and influences from Yuzen of Kyoto. Heavily traded in the 14th-15th Centuries, Bingata flourished with the glory of the Ryukyu Dynasty.
Colourful Bingata uses both plant paint and pigment to produce a one of a kind art and traditional Okinawan craft.
Late Master Koto Yamaoka founded Shuri Ryusen in 1973 as a base for increasing awareness of Okinawan traditional dyded crafts.
The research led by Yamaoka documents thousands of natural paints and pigments and restored knowledge and the quality of Bingata.

The bingata of the Shuri ryusen


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Tel:098-886-1131 9:00~18:00 7 days a week

Shuri Ryusen. The store increases awareness and sensitivity towards art of Okinawa, traditional crafts and Bingata.

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