Experience Dyed Coral Shuri Ryusen Experience Dyed Bingata Shuri Ryusen

Grow with detail sensitivity,
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Experience Dyed Coral & Bingata
Shuri Ryusen

Shuri Ryusen

ShuriRyusen was built as a base to increase Okinawa traditional dyed crafts in 1973.
We offer trappings for NHK BS period drama "Tempest".

They are diligently hand dyed with natural plant paint.
They change every day because they are hand dyed.

Only Ryusen can give you this experience .You can present your favourite colour and shape to use coral fossil. Staff expertly teach how to make Bingata, so this is Let's make your own one that only one in the world.《Experience Dyed Coral》《factory tour》

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